Tomutonttu is master of Kemialliset Ystävät and boy called Jan. He lives in Tre and makes handicrafts.

>Whats up?

The sky, dude.

>What do you do?

I'm listening to records, at this very moment: Enema Syringe 7". I avoid
doing the stuff I'm supposed to be doing.

>Where are you?

In my office.

>What do you want to say?

I'm saying it.

>how would you describe a nice day?

Slow productive party with good food.

>I belive?

It's meant to be, darling.

>I dont?

I don't believe much.

>favorite food?

At the moment: noodles+tofu in peanut butter sauce.

>loud or silent?

One doesn't excist without the other one. So both.

>what is successful show?

Relaxed... one that pays really well.

>mention few?

Successful shows? Kemialliset Ystävät show in Budapest this spring was a lot
of fun.

>what did you listen last?

Enema Syringe 7".

>what are you going to do in summer?

I'm going to keep taking it easy. Taking it to the max.

>walk or cycle?

My bicycle is in coma right now and I'm afraid I need to find a new one. So
walk it is.

>walk or swim?

I think I've been swimming once this millenium. So walk it is.

>frog, free or dog?

Total fog.

>say hey!?

Love me two times.