Mr stefano pilia lives in bologna italy, and makes all kind of sound and pictures and more. in states (where we met) he lived in tent which didnt keep rain????




> Whats up?


good! is sunday morning


> What do you do?




> Where are you?


in Bologna home


> What do you want to say?


nothing......just want to drink my coffee



> how would you describe a nice day?


the days spent with my friends and love -when we don't fight-, the sunny and empty days alone


> I belive?


in rock and roll!!!!


> I dont?


in santa klaus


> favourite food?


rice and lentils


> loud or silent?


> both


> what is successful show?


.....spiderman maybe!


> mention few?




> what did you listen last?


dock boggs, rolling stones's exile on main st, lucio battisti, daniel johnston, muddy waters.....


> what are you going to do in summer?


working..a little bit of holiday i hope,,,recording and playing...


> walk or cycle?




> walk or swim?




> frog, free or dog?




> say hey!?