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POK-3 ½
Päivänsäde cassette

This is for everybody who hasn't got the Päivänsäde double cassette released by POK earlier! It's basically a re-release of the songs that you won't find on the LP Puhalluspelto, released by Eclipse. Berry good! Quality stuff! Loved by many! Hand coloured Xerox sleeves with nice silk paper.

"Päivänsäde shares members of Rauhan Orkesteri, LL, and Kiila, and their flowing group interaction shares elements of all three: from RO comes an openness, LL a global influence and Kiila a pointillistic density. The improvisations on their cassette unfold with the gentle grace of the alap sections of Indian ragas. They use the jouhikko, the kantele, flutes, voice and hand percussion to create their earthy, yet expansive atmospheres. Ligeti-like string layers emit a spectral, microtonal glow, while below the surface kanteles rustle delicately. In other places, a spare drum beat and wailing vocalizations lend the pieces a dramatic urgency. Päivänsäde is concerned with evolution, and the time limits of recording technology confine the group to glimpses of their broad-minded explorations, as if the group is trying to break their constraints in search of freedom." -Matthew Wuethrich

"the dominant characteristic of this one is a rigorously acoustic improvisation, whose roots tend to locate in the world of free jazz, although they use native folk instruments from Finland. In this way they manage to articulate a psychedelic space from an acoustic improv that leans more in the silences and the sudden structure shifts that in reverbs and mantra. For that reason, the sound from the recording is very important, that tends to give a unifying character to the whole album. That sound is so fluid and opened that it gives rise to interesting tensions and distensions that originate and dissolve without any evident pattern, after which it seems to be a subtle atonal intelligence in a precise frame of frequencies.
Different types from wind sounds, timbres, percussions and voices [rise from unpronounced instruments] seem to create a kind atmosphere so that spontaneous and vertiginous solo flutes or other small instruments lead our attention to the details, while more deep changes happen simultaneously. - José Miguel Salazar Z, Loop