This finnish speaking cellist / all musicant Miriam Goldberg plays in black forrest / black sea.


> Whats up?
> mitä kuuluu?

sitting at my desk at work, checking email and feeling vaguely dizzy.

> What do you do?
> mitäs teet?

I write software for money and play music for fun. I also knit and
plant things in pots.

> Where are you?
> missä olet?

At this very moment I am at 150 Chestnut St, 8th floor, Providence,
RI, 02903 USA

> What do you want to say?
> mitä haluat sanoa?

Nothing. I'm feeling quiet and blank.

> how would you describe a nice day?
> kuvaile kiva päivä?

Biking to my favorite pond with friends, picking up some fish and beer
on the way. Going for a swim and then building a fire to cook the fish
and drink the beer and then bike home.

> I belive?
> uskon?

In the soul.

> I dont?
> en usko?

Zombies. But they still terrify me.

> favorite food?
> suosikki ruoka?

maybe fish... or okra? I don't know. I like everything except for
green peppers and marmite.

> loud or silent?
> kovaa vai hiljaa?

depends. right now: silent.

> what is successful show?
> kuvaile onnistunut esitys?

one where I make new friends and learn things and hear good music

> mention few?
> mainitse pari?

Telakka when we sat in the nice sauna after and many other shows in Finland.
On the big boat in Rostock.
The show in Olympia that not one single person came to, but we got to
practice and wrote a new song and went camping and make fun of
The Springwater with Christina Carter, Cherry Blossoms and Corn Dog!!!
any show at the Bookmill or playing with a band or musician I like.
Lots and lots and lots of others... Especially the first year or two.
Those were the best shows, when everything was fresh and new.

> what did you listen last?
> mitä kuuntelit viimeksi?

Yabby You: Judgement Day

> what are you going to do in summer?
> mitäs meinaat tehdä kesällä?

I will work at my job and try to bike and swim in between. Also, I'm
going to several weddings.

> walk or cycle?
> kävellen vai pyörällä?


> walk or swim?
> kävellen vai uiden?


> frog, free or dog?
> sammakkoa, vapaa vai koira?

kuuma koira??!?!?

> say hey!?
> terveiset!?