Jaakko "jasu" Tolvi is playing in many bands, and mainly drums. Rauhan orkesteri, basamahas, taco bells, sabian, lauhkeat lampaat, päivänsäde, pymathon and so and so. he also makes photos, paints and all. he lives in helsinki in community whit petri "tyrone" washington and girl from latvia. jaakko is the quiet party of community. (in photo jaakko is throwing dart, and OD is cheching)


heres some jaakkos music in our very loved MYSPACE!!!









Whats up?    

Waitin' for summer. SPRRIIING BREEEAK!!! WAH WAH WAH!!!

What do you do?

As soon as my curly front-hair is dry after shower,

I'm going to go downtown and show it to everybody.

Where are you?

Länsi-Pakila, Helsinki

What do you want to say?

Healthy mouth is head-thing.

how would you describe a nice day?

Unblocked nostrils and crisps (for eatin').

I belive?


I dont?


favorite food?

Burger and cola

loud or silent?


what is successful show?

When I get girls

mention few?  


what did you listen last?

Ulver - Nattens Madrigal

what are you going to do in summer?

I'm going to sail to Riga and make something

walk or cycle? 

Walk, Respect

walk or swim? 

Swim, but I have to be very careful not to have

any water in my ears - infection HELLO!

frog, free or dog?

Yes, and that spells Y, E, you got it buster!!!

say hey!? 

Big hug to Nuutti, Vilppu and Hilda. Uncle-Jaakko bound to kick some ass!!!